Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cot/Crib Pillow Tutorial

Lil Miss is in need for a cot pillow.

Before I go to bed each night I do my rounds,

Check the doors are locked.....

Make sure all the lights are off......

and then check on the kids......
Lil Miss is last, since her room is closest to us.
Every night I find her out of her covers and
her sleeping on top of them.

She is obviously looking for a comfy place to rest her head.
So it is overdue that I give her a pillow, to hopefully prevent her getting restless.

So since I have limited shops nearby.  I decided to make my own, from inner to pillowcase.

So to start with you need to make the inner.
 1 meter/yard of quilt batting ( I used scraps that I have left over )
Stuffing ( again I used what I had - some old cushion pillows I had stored,)

So to start with measure the width of the cot.  Mine was 23 inchs.
So I took off 3 inchs from my length.
My finished pillow measurements are 20 x 13 inches

So to customise your pillow inner, take your length minus 3 inches,
I made the width 13 inches because it looked right ( you may want to change this, which means you will need to change the width in the following measurements accordingly )

Add your seam allowances.  Mine was 20.5 x 13.5 inches
 ( I used my overlocker, you may want to add a inch for seam allowances depending on your method)

Now you have your measurements

Cut 4 pieces

Two layers for the each side of the pillow.

Sew each long side and one end closed.
Finish your seams the way you like ( zig zag/overlock...)
Now you can either turn the casing inside out to hide your seams or leave them exposed, afterall it is just a inner.

Now time to


  ( Might aswell have taken a photo of our sky, since it looks just the same, maybe more grey )

Once you have it stuffed to your liking
( once placed in pillowcase it will become firmer, so keep that in mind ) 

Sew down the open end

Yay your'e done!

Well almost.......

Part Two: Pillowcase


1/2 yard/meter of main fabric
fat quarter or enough to cut 12 x 13.5 inches of coordinating print

Customise your Measurements:

Back of Pillow ( main fabric ): Your length + 1.5inches x 13.5 inches
Front of pillow (main fabric ): Your length - 4.5 inches x 13.5 inches

Front of Pillow ( Coordinating print ): 12 inches x 13.5 inches

Once you have your measurements
Cut 1 each of the above pieces

Sew front contrasting pieces right sides together and finish the seam.

Press open and top stitch

Hem 1 short side of back and front pieces ( coordinating print end )
this is where the pillow case will open.  To hem use the double hem method. ( iron 1/2 inch then 1/2 inch again )

Next fold back the front piece, coordinating print end,
to the back ( wrong side ) as shown, pin in place, so that it wont move while you sew the sides

This will be where your pillowcase  will encase the pillow.
( You may need to check your back piece fits this, if not fold over so that it fits to the back piece measurements )

Now  Place back and front pieces right sides together, pin.

Sew both sides first, from opening end to bottom.
( I find this helps to keep it in square )  and lastly sew the end closed ( the opposite end to the opening )

Turn right side out, press,  now your done


I would have liked to get a photo of the pillow in use, but I think I may have woken her, so her unfinished sock monkey will do!

Of course since there is a concern with the use of pillows in babys cots, it is up to you to use this pattern at your own discretion. 
My little girl is over a year so this is why I have made this, and tutorial for you to enjoy.

Now I am going to cook dinner and link this up to


Meeks said...Best Blogger Tips

Ok..I have a never crossed my mind to make my own pillow inner! duuuuhhh!
Thanks for this tutorial, I know what to do with some left over stuffing ;)

(Plus, I NEVER wash my fabric before making something, so thanks so much for the tip from your other post!)

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

No problem Meeks I'm glad it helped someone :)

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