Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Rule Number# 1

Always, Always

wash your fabric first!

Well I honestly usually do!

But this time I used some red knit ribbing that was given to me from a retired sewer, giving away odds and ends.

So I guess I thought I didn't need to prewash it.


Now this dress has been treated with stain remover.
But I am not very confident on a good outcome.

So maybe it will have to be dyed orange.


The Naked Lunch Lady said...Best Blogger Tips

So I'm a newbie sewer, hence my ignorance, but whats with the staining? I thought one just prewashed to shrink fabric?

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

Hi naked lunch lady, thanks for the question. The staining was from the red ribbing which is on the other side of the garment (see the gathering ) there is red ribbing there to encase the elastic. Also there was some red ribbing for the neck line. As for prewashing you are right about shrinkage of the fabric, but sometimes fabric runs dye, hence the horrible dye run from the red ribbing - although since posting the picture I have managed to treat the stain so it is wearable. I hope this long winded answer helps :)

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