Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gearing up for the growing season

One of the bonuses to moving to Northland is a longer growing season

This year I am dreaming of the harvest 
Tomatoes, Capsicums, Chillies, Eggplants, Watermelons
.... and the list goes on

As you can see I have already started

I used my hot water cupboard to get them started ( covered in clingfilm),  and prepped to plant by the moon calender only to find while telling my neighbour that I got my dates wrong.... I planted on the days it said "do not sow seeds"...shame!  Luckily my mistake made little difference and my tomatoes germinated in 5 days!

Then I transferred them out into our cold frame... which is still in construction
It works a treat and is warmer than the hotwater cupboard!

Also I've been planting.....

 Camellia Hedge

And getting ready for deliveries of topsoil and wood shavings for my gardens.

So far we have done well on the budget...
 Mike has made all of our gates 

and alot of the fencing materials, the calf shed and chicken coop were made using left overs from home renovations and bits and pieces from old jobs at work..... which has been ideal, because we have had more money to spend on planting

This is where the entrance to my vege garden will be.
But you will need to use your imagination....
the two plums trees arching towards each other over a wooden gate...hedge's on either side and a path that meanders through a tiered vege patch, then the path continues past a feijoa hedge and down the hill under large trees to our pond.......

lots of work to do, but I'm sure the rewards will be worth it.


Naturally Carol said...Best Blogger Tips

What a lovely property you have!

Miriam said...Best Blogger Tips

looks great - you are going to have a gorgeous, edible property before long

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Go you! It looks so beautifully peaceful where you are :)

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...Best Blogger Tips

Hard work, but very worthy and exciting work - and so AMAZING for your children to live a life where they can really make their own food and understand the circle of life. Just wonderful!

Reading this post made me think of a couple of my fav blogs, which you may enjoy:


(she grows heaps of her own food and often has lots of useful tips and scrumptious recipe ideas too!)

Moon over Martinborough - couple of wonderful chaps from Ohio living the rural life, with their own Olive Grove. Hilarious, talented writing (that will definitely make a great book!). - http://moonovermartinborough.com/

Great reads, when you have a moment ;) x

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