Sunday, September 16, 2012

Feeling refreshed!

This weekend started with Big J having one of his bad days.  

Something I've neglected to mention here before is that he has Aspergers, and the reason I have kept this quiet on the blog is that it's something we have only discussed with him recently,
 now that he is old enough to understand it.

He has learned to cope with it better as he has got older and wiser, and there are many days that you wouldn't even notice it!
But then there comes those days, or those meltdowns, when it is obvious.... especially in times of stress. 
(which there has been a lot of around here lately)

Or then there are the times when you're followed around the house with him reeling off endless facts of information, that another person couldn't possible pluck from their head..... 
These are the time's that I'm clearly reminded that this is who he is and this is what makes him unique.

And Saturday was one of those days! 3 meltdowns before 10am.
But lucky for us, when my mum came to visit, she came to our rescue.... and acting quickly she whisked away my two youngest boys to stay with her.  
Giving my eldest and I some much needed time together. 
( Recently my Mum has moved house, and for he first time in 10yrs she is only 15 mins down the road...yay! It beats 5 hours ") )

That evening, once my little girl was tucked into bed, 
we got out the paints... 

 Big J's Work in progress

we spent the night oohing and aaahing over each others creations, and I taught him some new techniques to give a try.

Art is a passion that we can share together.... 

Some of his little drawings... 

and we enjoyed our time so much that he didn't go to bed till 9.30... 
It has been several years, that I have dabbled with the paintbrush, 
and once you're in the "zone" time just flies

 my vision for our garden

On Sunday we spent the day pottering around the garden enjoying a calm and argument free day! Something that we both needed.

Then to complete the weekend, after the cows afternoon feed...
 we drove to mums to arrive to a Sunday roast.....
Ahhh! BLISS!! I tell you.

So what could have be an stressful weekend, turned into the one of the best weekends I've had in a long time.

All thanks to Mum x


Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Wow - those pictures are amazing! What a great mum you are Laura - Sounds like a very special weekend. Big hugs to you all x

Notchka said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh I miss my Mum! I've taught three adults with Aspergers over the years, I can appreciate the level of patience you need and how beneficial a little one to one can be - wonderful you can connect with each other through art. I love your garden vision too - its good to be that clear about what you want, I'm sure it will come into being in the near future.

Sophie Slim said...Best Blogger Tips

Both of your art is AMAZING! You are both so talented!

I know you say all thanks to your Mum, but I think you're a pretty special mum who made the most of a situation, you could have easily still been in a grump, gone to bed early, woken up tired etc like any other person would, but you took advantage of it! So well done! <3


tartankiwi said...Best Blogger Tips

Such great artwork from both of you. How great to have something special that you can bond over. It sounds like a pretty amazing weekend.

Naturally Carol said...Best Blogger Tips

You're both great mums! What a special weekend it turned out to be for both of you.

Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

Laura your picture is FANTASTIC - your vision for your garden is my vision for my garden *sigh* one day!
And WOW your son has obviously inherited your talent!
Go you what an amazing Mum you are and very blessed to have such a helpful Mum living close by. I know I'm thankful for my Dad and Step Mumxxx

Sarah said...Best Blogger Tips

Such a heart warming post to read - knowing you have the support of your Mum close by - after many years of not - and that you could spend some precious one on one time with your oldest son.

The paintings genuinely amazed me - both his wonderful tree and little drawings - and your vision for your garden. It must have felt so wonderful to do something you love for a moment - and have a connection with your son of an interest shared.

I thought my oldest daughter had Aspergers for many of her pre-school years and read a lot about it - she's very 'quirky', independent, a collector and has attention to detail that can be overwhelming at times (she was always lining up her trains, her teddies - putting stickers in a line around her tummy and arms...). She did have a brief assessment when she was 4 - but as she made eye contact they said, 'No' - however she has terrible outbursts of emotion and uncontrolled anger at times (she's now 9) and I still worry about her (but then again, worrying is what us mothers do hey x).

Well done to you and so pleased you had some 'time' xxx

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

I miss my Mum dearly too. Hopefully one day soon we can be back near them.
those paintings are GORGEOUS! wow.
I was catching up on your posts and LOVE LOVE LOVE your views ...sigh, gorgeous!

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