Monday, August 20, 2012

Love in every stitch

Saturday night I finished threading in the last loose ends and thought about how this could be of some comfort to its new owner.

My best friend's mother what recently diagnosed with a Grade 3  aggressive invasive cancer.... and before we knew it, she had undergoed surgery followed up by several rounds of chemo.  

Being so far away I wanted to send her something to show her that I cared and was thinking of her.

I needed something that would be useful, which is when this hat came to mind

 Thinking about her sensitive skin, I knitted this using Rowans Organic Cotton/Wool, and size large to make a loose soft hat band.  The colour is to match her amazing blue eyes.

I can honestly say, that love went into every stitch....
as it took me a lot longer than most hats would, and there were a lot of cables involved.  But the thought that receiving this may just brighten her day a wee bit, spurred me on.

Pattern: Snapdragon Tam


Widge said...Best Blogger Tips

That's really beautiful. The hat and the sentiment x

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous hat - gorgeous gesture x

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