Friday, August 17, 2012

Now that these pressies should hopefully be in the hands of their new owners I can share my creative endeavours over the past couple of months.

Introducing Mr Monster and Baby
(my imagination is seriously lacking.. help?)

Made using this pattern here, I'm hoping my nephew will enjoy them just as much as I did creating them. 
he's likely to come up with better name for them too!

Then hearing that my niece was born into a such an unusually cold summer in the uk, I knitted up a last minute woollen cardy.....

Hopefully her mummy doesn't mind the hot pink that I chose!
And a little bit of bling.  I have an excuse as it's my first niece.

Once that was done I finally stopped procrastinating and attached the buttons on these booties and ribbons on this bonnet

And a bit more bling!

And lastly to top it off I made a poem to be sent with Dotti the mouse.... thats when I got a little carried away 

 The book was to encase the poem and insure it didn't get thrown away with the packaging... afterall I never paid much attention in English class, so writing this poem was a big deal.... 

And just incase you're wondering about the poem.....
 sorry I'm not sharing!

For some more creative spaces see here


Miriam said...Best Blogger Tips

those booties - so gorgeous - I want some! My wee man wants a monster now too!!

Sally said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh my! So much knitty goodness. It is all so LOVELY!!! Delightfully so.

Naturally Carol said...Best Blogger Tips

What beautiful have been very hard at work! I am sure they will be very much appreciated.

jimbillsmum said...Best Blogger Tips

Wow you have been busy! The frilly edged cardi is gorgeous, I love that pattern :-)

Sue said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh my, they are such beautiful gifts. I love the little bling on the cardigan and hat too. Those booties are just adorable. I have to say the monster is just too cute and I am sure your nephew will love them!

Notchka said...Best Blogger Tips

hehe - right on about not sharing. I love that you put little beads on your bonnet and that cardi - all those little details make it super special. I'm not much help with the monster naming, I'm afraid.

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Monster works fine for me! These things are all so gorgeous! Love the little details x

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