Friday, June 14, 2013

Conquering Crochet Friday - I've hit a stumbling block! far I've had a pretty good run with this crochet journey....
but this week has been another story altogether.

Feeling pretty confident in my newly learnt skills, I decided to try my hand at this beret

I thought surely it couldn't be that hard, afterall it's just crocheting in a circle....a bit of increasing and then decreasing.
The only part I had to master was the bobble stitch.....
sweet! I thought, I can DO this!!

Or not.

Yip first major hurdle!

So maybe it looks okay....but it's not sitting has it's own wave effect going on, despite starting with a magic loop.....and the bobble stitch isn't looking the way I'd like it too.
I had to change the hook size from a 4mm to a 5mm just so I could actually complete the stitch!
Before that it was a nightmare and had I started the beret 4 times over, each time changing either the wool or the hook size before I got this far.

Conclusion:  I put this down to a FAIL, and while it is still intact in my knitting bag,  I will be unravelling it!
 as I know I'll never be happy with the finished project if I don't.

Sooooo moving's time to dream
maybe of some simple more achievable projects....

These are made by repeatcrafterme blog

I already have a few of these purse frames, 
I'm sure something like this is achievable
heres the link to the pattern on etsy here

I've had these stash baskets in my Ravelry favourites for ages!

And now I reckon I probably could actually make them!

and another one hiding in my favourites! 

Or maybe I should get a head start on Lil Misses birthday and make something like this cute rabbit

Bronwen the pattern


nz green buttons said...Best Blogger Tips

the "wave" part is probably cause it's the top of the beret? Once you crochet more it will even out? What pattern is it, maybe I could have a look and help you out :) xx

Susan C. said...Best Blogger Tips

Sorry I am no help, I was hoping you had all the answers. :-)
That bunny looks cute.....

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

That cathedral scarf is so cute! We all have failures, part of the learning. Doesn't make it any less demoralising though :)

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

mmm i haven't tried a bobble stitch yet! am curious to have a go now! I am sure you will master it in time :) am dead keen to do some baskets too and that scarf is gorgeous!

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