Thursday, June 6, 2013

Conquering Crochet Friday - The Boys Turn

So this week was all about my boys
It was their turn to get a pair of slippers

So using the same pattern as their sisters slippers
I started modifying the pattern....winging it! basically

The above pair, I used a 4mm hook, and kept increasing the foot in pattern....then back and worked...but it was slow with all that half double for the rest of the foot I used double crochet......these are okay-ish...a bit baggy...but he's happy

By the time I got to the second pair, I thought I'd double the yarn and use a huge hook - 9mm!

These were fast!! Like in a evening fast!.....but as you can see a bit on the holey'big toes starting to poke through' side! 

But hey, I liked how quick these were to I kept going, and a third and final pair were made - 2 hours!

This time I modified and played around with the look, since the lady who made the pattern contacted me and showed me this more masculine pair for the boys......I'm sure though there is a way I could have done it better.....but it works....even if it is a bit holey.

But the best part of owning a pair of these...
is making a running jump and 
slipping and sliding around the kitchen floor
Which is a sight in it's own right! Considering the size of my kitchen and the three boys trying all to slide at once!

So I guess regardless of the bagginess and holeyness, these were a success....and last night the boys wore them to they also make great bed socks too!

And since it's all about the boys,
 here are some neat patterns with them in mind

First this cute little cardigan

And then this one, which apparently is a great stepping stone from crocheted scarves and squares

Then there is the must have skater boy beanie

Oh and this plushie would just make my eldest boys day!

And this is a bit random, but when I typed in a search for boys and crochet, this awesome fire blanket came I just had to share!


Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Love the slippers! I have made a few pairs recently but not happy with how they turned out...ill have to do some pattern modifications too!


Susan C. said...Best Blogger Tips

Cute slippers......oh and the mister has a very fine ankle there...;-)
Nothing nicer than a warm foot.....I love my fleecy slippers...some say a little too much!

Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

I finished knitted slippers for a darling wee girl last night
Super easy
The crochet pattern just did my head in!

Fay said...Best Blogger Tips

Cute slippers! My boy is in desperate need of a pair.

Max said...Best Blogger Tips

i can't believe how quickly you can make them, thats amazing! they look great, and super-adaptable, they are very similar to a knitted pair my mil made me for my birthday last year out of carpet wool, which have a bow tied in the front and became ballet slipper slippers!
have a lovely weekend x

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Wow you're a machine! no doubt the boys are loving them and I can just picture the kitchen scene :)

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