Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mending on my mind

I was changing the kids beds the other day, and as I was putting back one of the blankets on the bed, there was that hole again..... normally I would just ignore it and quickly put the duvet on top, then it would be out of sight, out of mind.
But with the approaching move in the next few months I am in a spring cleaning mood, and with that comes, either throw it, donate it... or fix it.   Plus with my newly found crochet skills, I thought why not mend it..... my kids have had these blankets since they were little from their grandma...
 its her favourite past time while sitting down, and now every extended member of the family has atleast one of these 

As I was fixing this, I thought I might take a few pics and write a step by step.... afterall, I'm surely not the only one that has come across this problem.... and then there's the op shoppers, that come across the odd granny square blanket.

So here's the breakdown

I cut out the granny square that had unravelled, and counted the rows that I needed to replace. I needed 3 rows. Starting with a new yarn, I crocheted in pattern stopping at the second row.
Now you will be crocheting your last row into the original crochet.

I recommend cutting out the old stitches as you go, that way the loops of the original crochet stay intact until you need them.
With working yarn to the back, insert hook from right to left through the loops of the double crochets from the original blanket.
Then pick up loop from the new row of crochet stitches and pull through secure with a chain 1.  See Picture above

Working in pattern
make three double crochets into the row before.
See picture above.

When you get to the corners, follow the same method, except work 3 dbl crochet into the previous rows corner, chain 1... then pull the loop through all the loops of the original crochets corner, chain 1 to secure, work 3 dbl crochet into the previous rows corner.

When you finish your last row slip stitch to close and fasten off.

And there you have it, all finished.....
and if you're like me you'll pat yourself on back....
 and wonder why you didn't fix it 2 years ago :)


Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

Yeah for mending xxx

Naturally Carol said...Best Blogger Tips

Well done! I guess the hole would have been a lot smaller two years ago.

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