Wednesday, November 16, 2011

25 Reindeer finally finished..

Just took me four years to complete.... yip another one of those UFO's...... now I just need to back them with velcro and finish the advent calendar wall hanging.....all in time for December

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Small Things Simple Pleasures said...Best Blogger Tips

Worth the wait, I say! These are really sweet.

Fay said...Best Blogger Tips


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

how cute. I want one well 25 little reindeer's.

tartankiwi said...Best Blogger Tips

I really want to make an advent calendar but don't think I'll manage it this year. Your reindeer are gorgeous. Totally worth the wait!

Miriam said...Best Blogger Tips

they are SO cute! SO cute!

Christie said...Best Blogger Tips

Haha 4 years! What a relief for you! Oh those ufo's why do we do it to ourselves?
They are very cute.

Naturally Carol said...Best Blogger Tips

They are totally gorgeous! Now you have a whole season to enjoy them..good work. It always feels so good to finish something that's been hanging around a while too doesn't it.

Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

LOVE these tiny gorgeous reindeer
We don't have an advent calendar we have advent pockets

Mel @ Wildflower said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh so cute - love them. 4 years ... that's impressive!

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