Monday, November 21, 2011

Boys Pressies

Since we put up the christmas trees this weekend, my mind is focusing in on the pressies.

I want to try and make the bulk of the kids presents this year.

And first on the list are these hacky sacks

You can find the pattern here and there is a link with game ideas

And they're colour coded to avoid scraps over who's is who's.

I also recommend the great tip on the comments of the pattern page: use a pantyhose pouch inside the sack to prevent the beans getting lose between the stitches....
I used some old opaque tights and those plastic pellets.

Another great gift idea
The boys would enjoy hours of fun with these

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

On another note... we have had potty training success today.... the end of nappies is in sight!


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

These hacky sacks are a fab idea!! I want to have a handmade xmas this year but was a bit stumped as to what to do for our boys, these will be perfect :)

Julie said...Best Blogger Tips

Great ideas! Perfect stocking stuffers - thank you!

jimbillsmum said...Best Blogger Tips

Lucky boys! We are toilet training at the moment too. Its going better than expected but theres still room for improvement :-)

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