Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sometimes kids just won't wear it

This post is in response to Hazel at Hazelnutgirl blog
blogged here

Basically the question was
"do kids always wear what you slave
your butt off making for them?"



Exhibit A

I was begged to make this, by my Big J....
he even chose the colours!
After slogging my guts out to finish this for him,
yip you guessed it! 
He wouldn't wear it, too itchy! 
It now resides in his bottom drawer

Same happened a couple years ago, when I was knitting several creations for my new baby to be, and Little J begged for something for him.  So again after knitting like crazy, I finished it only for it to be rejected! Argghhhhh!

Have I learnt my lesson?

Answer: I am casting on another knit,
this time for Middle B,
and this time he chose the pattern, the wool, and I made extra sure the wool was super soft...... so come on Middle B, I'm cheering for you to make the right decision!

As for sewing?  Well I haven't had the problems that were mentioned by Hazel, yet! PJ bottoms, wallets, and bags have all been accepted with gratitude (sometimes less enthusiastic as you would hope! )
or like the quilt situation posted here
as for Lil Miss, she doesn't have much choice at the moment,
though who knows what awaits me in the future.......hmmn


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Gosh I absolutely LOVE your boy's list of food and presents that is so awesome! And his quilt - well done you!

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

@makeitgiveit Thankyou, I am pretty stoked with the list too, so sweet.... and so happy that quilt is finally finished

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