Friday, June 17, 2011

Screaming and Swearing

Its a been a big problem in our house at the moment!

I was going to write about this last week, but I thought I would give it a while before I bragged " this has changed our lives"
( nah just kidding )

Here's the background:

We have always had issues with screaming, but the latest fad is SWEARING!!!
Middle B especially has taken to it like a duck to water....
and now Little J has picked it up..... but worst of all,  Lil Miss!
Uh Oh!!!  And it is sooo much worse when little kids say them

So after a long discussion with Middle B, Mike came up with the solution to our guilty secret....

The kids helped with labelling the jar, obviously tanks to Little J are relevant

The deal is if your'e caught screaming, swearing or acting angry to others, and your'e a kid - 10c into the jar

If your'e an adult - a wopping $1.00

Yes Mum and Dad aren't saints!
Infact we have both contributed a few dollars each, and are having fun telling each other off, its actually taken the nagging out of it because we now have become competitive
 (in all good fun of course.)

The result so far:

Middle B is trying really hard to stop himself, though midweek wanted to 'opt out' ( sorry kiddo no can do! lol )

Big J is sly and being careful, though I caught him a couple of times with screaming

Little J, not so clever ( poor man ) so he is running equal with B

Lil Miss, well thats going to take a while, and she doesn't qualify.

And once the jar is full, we will be using the money to do something as a family.... at the moment the talk is about going out for dinner.

 We have had happier kids,
happier us and a nicer atmosphere at home this week
 Win Win!


Jacqui said...Best Blogger Tips

I remember doing something similar once at a job I had when I was living in Canada. We all decided we were swearing too much (nothing like how much people swear here but still!) so we made a pact that if someone swore and were heard, you could smack them. Even though we didn't smack hard, that little bit of pain was far more effective than losing money! Not that you could really do that with kids though...

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

Yes I could see that would work with adults well! and I bet you all had a laugh...

Mon said...Best Blogger Tips

Hmm thinking that's a GREAT idea. I could use a swear jar while I'm doing homework. And a scream jar. But of course, it would be good for ALL of us.

emm said...Best Blogger Tips

Nothing like a swearing jar! I remember my mum doing this with us when we were little.

Lyns said...Best Blogger Tips

Yikes - we need one here...might have to include whinging too

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