Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lots of Things I'm Loving This week!

I'm loving that I finally finished my Big Js quilt blogged here
and that I had a great craft weekend down the road with all the girls from our craft group, and a great time playing pictionary till 1am!
that was fun!
Also I really enjoyed hand sewing down the binding, the best part of finishing a quilt!

Absolutely loving this Birthday menu list that was
produced by my now 9 year old! Priceless! and now, so humble with what he asks for.... boy I remember when you used to get terribly disapointed, you used to have such high expectations 
( my mum would say the same thing about me ) 
Now your'e heading to double digits, and you look like you have grown overnight.... you're so much more easy going in this last year and often surprise me with some of the grown up things you
say now... loving it!

Loving quiet time when Lil Miss is asleep, and this week I decided to paint my nails, for the first time in years... wonder how long it will take before theyre chipped?

( when I asked the kids what I should put in the caption,  " I'm old" and " I'm a bug" were their answers )

Loving all the care packages from mum in the mail this week, she is so thoughtful and I love and miss her heaps.  Also loving this book, to help me use my, large stock of homeopathic remedies to their full potential, courtesy of course of my homeopath mum. 

And loving this kid above with all the new words,
that just keep on coming....
uph (up)
appl ( apple )
and many many more others, that I can't remember now I am writing them down ( hate that! )

And the list could go on this week!  Now better get back to the kids
its " Teachers only day" so loving that I don't have to pick the kids up! ha sneeked another one in :)


Renee said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh my goodness - that birthday menu has got to be one of the sweetest most gorgeous things I've seen all day! I cannot wait for those moments with my girls when they get bigger! And so humble with his wishes - that's so sweet and says a lot about what good parents he must have. Have a great long weekend! Thanks for the tip with the warm flannel - I've just given it a whirl and it seems to be helping (although my 15 month old is trying to steal it and suck on it hmmm) xxx

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

@Renee Thankyou for the lovely comment, and I am glad the tip is working... as I recall my boys liked to suck the towel too.... but whatever keeps them quiet.

PaisleyJade said...Best Blogger Tips

What a cool list. Crack up at the 'gercon'! What a sweet birthday list too. Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

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