Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rain Rain please don't go away

I woke up feeling happy this morning, listening to the gurgling of rain in the downpipes.  
Apparently all you need to do, is hang washing out on the line, leave it overnight and that will appease the rain gods

It's been so dry here, that I've been doing my washing at my mums house where her tank is overflowing, and I feel less guilty.

And another reason to smile, is my garden is getting a liquid feed....
 I just learnt recently that the rain has nitrogen in it!

I'll be spending my next week planting and sowing seeds that produce above ground, as now until the 22nd is the optimal time to do it if you plant by the moon.  Do you use a moon calendar?


Schulz Family said...Best Blogger Tips

I totally use the moon calendar. Much better results in the garden doing that. Too much rain to be planting at the moment!!

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

I dont use any calenders for my non-existent planting! Good luck with the last bit of planting! Keep raining :) x

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Yay for rain!!!
Im more of a plant destroyer than giver of life :(

A little bit Country said...Best Blogger Tips

Yay for rain. We are out in the country on the east coast and finally had some today. A top up on the tank and my poor gardens got a good drink!

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