Thursday, January 10, 2013

Garden Recap

My garden like many others gardens is going crazy at the moment

This is a comparison from a couple of months ago
  And now from a similar favourite place....working buried amongst my flowers.
And here before - near the side of the house

And now .... the pumpkins and butternut are taking over, the zuchinnis are kicking in and cosmos, poppies and rambling sweetpeas are welcoming splashes of colour

Coming around the back again and looking from my vege patch, the yellow daises have really dominated, but for my first year garden they have been a real help in establishing my garden fast.

And to think this area was bare ground only a few months ago.
Next year I plan on adding more height to the border once a windbreak has been planted (hollyhocks, artichokes etc)
And those daisies will definately be reduced, but for now I'll let them be. 

Here is a picture from the middle of the vege patch with my flower garden that continues on to the left

So far I have created 7 vegetable beds the eighth with the help of Mike, using the no dig method, which uses layers of newspaper, manure, and hay...and so far the competition against the weeds has only been a problem on the paths, and the need for watering is almost nil. This is all part of our plan to garden using the methods of permaculture..... and the results are speaking for themselves. 

  Our Gherkin glut, after a week away from the garden.

And my carrot thinnings.....looking pretty good, considering they have been grown in clay and we haven't dug the ground at all

As for my areas where I haven't mulched,  the ground is cracking wide open and that damn kikuya! is creeping in. 

But even though the garden is looking good, I AM surrounded by a large expanse of weeds that I am yet to tame, and I may just leave for now....because who knows...some of them are actually growing on me :)


Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Wow- awesome progress! and so fast! I love love love the cosmos. Gosh it's going to be a-mazing when all is planted and in their spots!

Miriam said...Best Blogger Tips

wow - you are amazing!! it looks incredible

Max said...Best Blogger Tips

its so beautiful there, the flowers that view and a productive vegge garden-heavenly. i like the sound of the no dig/no water experiment, so it's kind of like a nourishing mulch that is quite deep?
we got wild strawberries up, a massive patch of them and lots of old flowers when we stopped using weedkiller when claud was born, amazing how long stuff hangs around in the soil, who knows what you might get popping up there!

Lisa said...Best Blogger Tips

our gardens going nuts too.. although its not as beautiful as yours!!

Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

Was so so so super lovely having you stay this weekend and for you to see the garden you painted in real life :)
I love your garden ::)) Love flowers and vegetables together

Schulz Family said...Best Blogger Tips

The garden is so fantastic. You are so fortunate to have such a large garden. I love the no dig method and look at the produce you are getting. Amazing just for one year!! Cheers Karen

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