Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lazy Days

While Mike's away, I am taking things slow with the help of Mum.
I have enjoyed the last three days with only 2 kids, the eldest and youngest.....ah bliss!
We have been lazing around, and doing things on a whim.

Today Lil Miss was kept busy making her necklace....
oh the concentration.

Then Big J and I enjoyed finishing a puzzle together

Before going to Mum's for dinner I gathered a hoard of veges to give as thanks....mum supplied the yummy apple cake!

And when I arrived I was greeted by my two middle boys.....
eager to show me their new clubhouse.

Mum said she's been thoroughly amused watching them carry things down the hill to furnish their new place.....chairs, old carpets, and a heavy table which had mum wishing she had a camera at hand.
Apparently she hardly has seen them in these last couple of days!  That sounds perfect :)

Lastly I had to leave you with this image...... 
a very inquisitive cow


A little bit Country said...Best Blogger Tips

Lovely to have found another kiwi blog. Wonderful photos!

Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...Best Blogger Tips

Great photos - love all your fresh vege! Sounds like your mum is an absolute star :)

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