Thursday, May 3, 2012

My new favourite Timesaver!

Warning: This may make any little helpers redundant of their job

Look what arrived in my mailbox last week......

I am so in love with this not only because the fabrics are just my cup of tea... but it is just so handy to have..
sorry did I say handy?.... I meant indispensable!

I have already given this peg apron a pretty good test run in it's short time with me.....with 4 kids and one still in nappies
( she's stubborn, still working on that one )
it sure has had it's fair share of use.

It has halved the time of hanging out my washing, not to mention saved my poor back! If you don't already own should! Anything to cut down on time doing the laundry, right?
Well this is what you will find;  
there will be, no more wrestling with multiple pegs in your hand, no more walking back and forth or swinging a clothes line around to get the pegs from that plastic peg basket... no more searching for pegs in the bottom of the washing basket that were left over from last time you brought in the washing in a rush....
or for me recently .... no more bending down for pegs in the icecream container! 
I think you get the idea :)

Now, I simply grab multiple sets of clothing and pop them into the crook of my arm and peg them out, four or five lots at a time...
Oh.. and taking the washing in?
It's even faster... you almost don't need your washing basket at all.
 And if you live in a high wind area?
I can asure you, fighting with the washing flapping in your face,
 is that more tolerable.

So where can you get one? Here in New Zealand and they're handmade by a fellow blogger 
After the pleasure of owning one of these,  I offered to write a review for Nin, as why shouldn't something like this be shared around... so if I've tempted you....
 I can say without a doubt I highly recommend you buy one and why stop there....what about purchasing one as a gift?... this would make the perfect gift for a new mum.  
If only I had one 10yrs ago.
Maybe then I wouldn't have had such an aversion to hanging out the washing.... back then the drier had much more appeal.

And if floral is not your cup of tea... 
Nin has many other choices available... here are just a few

Found Here

More selections can be found here on

Also I must note : if you are a fellow sewer like me,
this may already have been on your 'to do' list for eons....
But it's likely there are far more other pretty projects that will take pride of place.... so thanks to Nin, she has now given us the option to buy a beautifully stitched one and at an affordable price :)



tartankiwi said...Best Blogger Tips

Great review! I LOVE mine too!

Miriam said...Best Blogger Tips

Couldn't agree more - those peg baskets drive me nuts. Even my hubby wears ours when he hangs the washing out - in full view of the neighbours!

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

They are so cute! pretty fabric. I have a little mr who passes me pegs, it takes forever but he likes being the helper :)

Ms K @ Mummybrain said...Best Blogger Tips

Since I made mine I've had SO many people asking where I got it. Makes great Christmas pressies :)

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