Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Boys Knitting

So there's a bit of a stigma about boys knitting...
however when your boys have grown up around you always with needles and wool not far from your side... one of them is eventually going to want to learn to knit!

This is Middle B's second attempt at knitting.... his first was last year and ended abrubtly with alot of frustration and tears... a few months later and he was ready to pick up the needles again.

It's not been easy to teach, and I definately needed to keep my cool.... as he often lost his.  But slowly but surely as the wrist warmer grew, the knitting improved... and his 'custom made holes' at the start made the perfect button holes :)

Today he proudly wore it to school ... and like all his creations, this is likely to be worn until it breaks or wears out.

Now I have been persuaded to help in his latest project.
The other day when we were in the library,
he picked up a sewing and knitting book for kids,
 after alot of dreaming the next project has already been decided

Tonight we picked the fabrics and HE ironed them!
( never hurts to teach boys that one )

Tommorow night we will start to cut and sew


tartankiwi said...Best Blogger Tips

That's so cool! You must be a very proud Mumma!

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