Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Boy is loving my latest knit

All that cheering from the sidelines has worked!

I was hoping for a good outcome this time around, and it is exactly what I hoped for!

My Middle B is loving his hoody....while it was blocking,
 he actually kept telling me with certainty that it was dry!
It was obvious it couldn't wait to try it on..

It actually encouraged Big J to get out his "itchy" jumper 
that you can see in the background 
.... that has resided in the bottom drawer for the last year... miracle!

My favorite part of the jumper is the hood
 ( and probably one reason why it was well received )
I love the way the variegated looks with the solid stripes....
though I have to say knitting that part was a challenge, having to battle with the tangled yarn. 

The pattern is Little Hoodlum and the wool is a Limited edition Vintage from Skeinz......
 its so soft, and has possum in it... so extra warm

And the best thing about the jumper, is it's snowproof!

Yes we had about 15cm overnight on Sunday through to Monday.
The best in the last 10 years!....

I had an old friend come to stay with her little boy, so there was alot of excitement in our household on Monday morning,
 from both big and small alike.....

Snow angels, Snow men, and woman..... and rolling giant snowballs was on the agenda ..... lots and lots of fun!

And Lil Misses favourite part was eating the snow


jimbillsmum said...Best Blogger Tips

What a cool hoody! And even cooler that he loves it, that must have made you feel great. :-)

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips


Thankyou :) yes its about time one of the boys enjoys what I knit... and he's still making me smile, as he continues to wear it!

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