Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Latest Knit

So this is the latest knit,
and what can I say other than " I don't like it"

Sure I like the pattern, I love the increases of the skirt, the cross over of the top... and of course seamless knitting....
but that's where it ends.

Its the yarn I'm just not loving..... when I purchased it, it looked on the website like it was more of a paua shell multi colour ( thanks laptop! )..... but when I received it, it was a different story....

something the photos don't show, is how green it really is!

To me the yarn just looked like it suited a boy toddlers jumper.... you know, fun and bright, perfect for a kid of that age.

I could have sent them back. 
Skeinz that I bought it from, would have accepted it,
afterall sometimes your purchase just doesn't cut the mustard....

 and I was all ready to....
 but my darling dearest child of mine.... who loves to play with my wool.... my fabric ( she thinks they make great headwear ) and any other item she can her hands on........
ripped of the paper bands, and not just one! but all of them....
 Man! that child is lighting fast... but thats a whole other story!

So resigned to the fact that I was stuck with the yarn..... I casted on a Oriental Lily by Tikki, and teamed it up with a purple yarn
 ( pilled terribly ) for the "obi sash", hoping that it would make it more girlyfied

But that still didn't make me any happier with the way this turned out.....so this is now to officially a hang around the home, or when its especially chilly, pyjama jumper/dress

I'm sure I can live with that!

Just realised this is the fourth item I have knitted with multicoloured yarns!  And I'm never over the moon with how they turn out....
 I think I've come to the conclusion that they are just not for me!

  Better stick to the solid colours... and maybe....just occasionally..... the semi solids.  


tartankiwi said...Best Blogger Tips

Shame about the wool. The pattern looks great.
My 2.5 year old like to use my fabric as "blankets" These are placed over her, little brother, her dolls... basically anyone or anything that she can con into it :-)

Fruitful Fusion said...Best Blogger Tips

I love this dress! It's making me want to knit again!

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