Thursday, July 7, 2011

Loving this week

First of all

Loving loving!! Walking with Dinosaurs.....

( Pictures are blurry, because we couldn't use the flash,
although it didn't stop many others doing so... so rude! )

I bought the tickets in February, so this has been a long awaited trip in our family.... and it was so worth it!!

The picture below, shows the scale of the presenter and the Brachiosauruses... which the largest of the two was only 2/3's scale,
and still huge! And I learnt lots..... did you know a adult Brachiosaurus is 3 stories high and the length of two buses...
 I didn't!

And of course the T Rex was awesome, truly the best, and he came over to our seats and let out a huge roar above us.....
loved our seats!!!!

We took only the boys along, so Nana got to spend some quality time with her grand daughter, loving that...
and loving the mittens that my mum bought for her that day, and then sewed elastic to just like her mum used to for her..... 
and this is what awaited me that night on my bedroom door.....
loving you Mum

Loving our weekend in Auckland,
and our trip to the land...
 even though it was raining Big J and I still got to have fun jumping around in the long long grass and getting thoroughly soaked....
can't wait to live there, even in the rain it is simply peaceful

Loving bonding time with Big J.... simple things like walking around the mall, arms wrapped around each other... love this and soaking it up as much I can.

Now we are home....and I'm loving my old china set that mum found.   I had squirrelled it away many years ago.... carefully wrapped up in tissue ( peach coloured, do they still sell that colour? ) and packed into a box that one of our japenese students gave me...

I think my Nana bought this for me....
and now lil miss can enjoy

Last of all love this rascal.... even though she has just undone all my hard work... hmmmmnn!

Yes! thats undies on her head.... done all by herself

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Jacqui said...Best Blogger Tips

We loved it too! I bought the tickets when they first went on sale so it seemed like forever ago - but they were good ones. We were in the middle so we didn't get a T.rex roar directly, but we were at eye level and got stared at in a most disturbing way. Very glad it was just mechanical! I did know the dinosaurs were that big because I've seen the skeletons, but that doesn't prepare you for the bulk of them, or seeing them move around. It was really amazing. (I took videos with my phone instead of photos, they came out really well) My favourite bit, rather oddly perhaps, were those inflatable plants. So cool when they all went popping up the first time!

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

@Jacqui Yes I actually had butterflies in my stomach when the T-Rex came out, even though I knew she wasn't real... so awesome.. and the plants were so cool... oooh and the butterflies how they popped out into the air so quick that I only caught them floating down... such a cool affect! I could imagine alot of kids running out with nets trying to catch them, like the elefun game! lol

Miss Prudence said...Best Blogger Tips

hey lovely! Yeah yeah undies hat -they still are worn around here! Aren't the dinos the best? We went to Disney on Ice yesterday (in Melb) - yeha I know total contrast! Ha ha, but i highly recommend it, i was actually impressed with the skill of the skaters....and yes miss hOOTZ! Marmite indeedy! Wars start for less than that!! ROFL!

Posie Patchwork said...Best Blogger Tips

How much fun & clearly, well worth the wait, looks like you had a ball, love Posie

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh I love the tea set that is SO precious and those undies on the head. I'm sure I fold every piece of washing in the house about 5 times before it actually makes it to the draw. Precious week, oh and I am so with you on trouble with commenting!!! Drives me balmy

PaisleyJade said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh wow - really wish I could have taken our boys to the show - looks amazing! Loving your list - cute pics!!

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...Best Blogger Tips

That show looks and sounds AMAZING!

Love that tea set too :)

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