Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things I'm Loving this Week

I'm loving that even though Middle B had to picked up this week early from school

( first filling from Dentist, have keep an eye on him, brushing his teeth )

 it was a welcomed change to my rountine, it was only the previous night I had been thinking, too often my conversation with the kids mainly consists of:
"pick up this"
"do that"
"hurry up"
"goodnight love you, go to sleep!"
sure I listen to their day, but thats usually as they follow me around the house.... so, the other day I enjoyed Middle B's company,
 so special. 
 And ..... Bonus for B, Dad picked him up.
 That day he hit the jackpot, because Dad was installing a sign at the Army Museum... so good fun climbing all over the tanks... and one on one conversation with Dad.

Also loving that my craft group are planning a spinning night next week,
so finally I can get some expert help from long time spinners...
I look forward to getting good enough to spin up some of this

And loving making my own dishwasher powder from 
this recipe from Mousehouse by Megan ( lots of other recipes there too )
and when I told my craft group last night, notebooks came out and recipes were written down.

Also loving this Lil girl

One of many beauty sessions

She loves to have her hair blown dry, she backs up backwards to sit on my lap, ( so cute ) and enjoys every moment of it!


PaisleyJade said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh she is soooo cute! So special that you got to have one on one time with your boy... I also find sometimes that I need to stop giving instructions and just enjoy them! xoxo

painting classes said...Best Blogger Tips

I like your blog!...Daniel

Mon said...Best Blogger Tips

cute..i love a kid who enjoys their food that much. I know what you mean. Quality time with my eldest is far and few between when there are younger ones in the house.

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Cute, cute little one. Time with our babies one on one is SUCH a treat

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

Thankyou everyone for the lovely comments :)

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