Sunday, April 3, 2011

Proud Mummy and Crochet Triumph!

I wish I was at assembly the other day, because...
 not one,
not two,
but all three of my boys got a certificate!

 I am so proud, just wish I was there..

Big J has become so independent in his school work, homework and all.... he comes home, reads some of his novel... then works on his assignment for that week.. I'm going to enjoy this while I can.

Middle B has always struggled with school, but his charm has made up for it in the past.  But with his 3rd year of school, its all caught up on him and he has really struggled.... so I am so happy that we are seeing a breakthrough with his reading... although there is alot more work to be done.... but well done my man!

Little J, only a few weeks into school, and really we were quietly confident that he would do well.  I am glad he finally got a certificate, because he always looked sooooo dissapointed every time (my heart breaks) one of his brothers received something for good work and not him.... boy do I remember those days!

And I have had my own breakthrough this week.... I can crochet!

I finally figured it out, with the help of youtube.
I can sew, I can knit, but I had been trying to crochet for years... maybe being a lefty had something to do with it? 
Mike's mum has tried to teach me, but no luck.... I just always seem to be cackhanded.....
Anyway now I look forward to making some scarfs for Lil Miss like this..

or this

or something like this

and even though we have loads of beautiful crochet blankets, courtesy of Mikes Mum, I would love to try and crochet this..

I have had this in my Ravelry favourties for ages so gorgeous,
and you can find some great crocheting tips on her blog here 

Also might learn this Crochet African Flower

I can see these cushions on my lil girls bed when she moves out of her cot

Image source : Rose Hip.typepad great eye candy and you can find the pattern for the above squares

Maybe a set of these for the boys?

And I can't forget me..... one day I might actually be able to make something like this

And the list could go on!


MiA said...Best Blogger Tips

I am happy to find you like my crochet - with some practice you will for sure be able to make lots of the beautiful projects on your wishlist :)

If you want to make the hexagon blanket or the african flowers in the same handdyed cotton yarn I always use for my crochet projects, go visit my kiwi sister who is dyeing the same yarns:

Have a nice day!

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