Friday, January 23, 2015

Saturday Routine and a Floral Tiered Skirt - All the things I made 2014

Good Morning! 

Another Saturday in our household, and that means 'Game Day' which my boys eagerly wait for each week!

We don't have any TV connection now ( 3 months and not missing it! ), so when Saturday rolls around, those boys are up early talking gaming and what each of them is going to do....
Me?, well I'm not a fan, as they always end up arguing and grumpy at the end of it, and it stretches on longer than I would like, but looking at the bigger picture it does give Mike and I some time-out of our own, and its only for Saturday, so right now I can live with that! 

Aren't you all sick of the Mummy guilts? They seem to come with the territory, and right now for me its the Gaming! I've never liked it, and I'm unlikely to in the near future, so who wouldn't want free time to sew? Knit? Garden for hours without interruption? 

Exactly! So I'm leaving the guilt behind, and I'll take what time I can get!

And one of those days last year, was spent making this skirt for my Lil Miss.

Made in a pretty cotton voile, it's my first tiered skirt, a nice easy sew and from the book 

 Captured how she attempts to open the front door....despite it looking like 'Strike a pose'

I love that book! I must make some more clothes from it!
A few more items to add to the ever increasing list!

What about you? What's one of your mummy guilts? 
Is it really that bad?  



BigLittle said...Best Blogger Tips

What a happy little skirt - worth ditching the mummy guilt just to work with those colours I say! xx

Susan C. said...Best Blogger Tips

Ok...big picture here, limited access to computers gaming whatever, all good. Skills are learned, even the arguing and the grumpy moods are teaching the boys negotiation. My boy also had a mood change playing games at that age, I made sure access was limited and he turned out just fine. Guilt and responsibility, you care therefore you will have doubts. Again big picture here, you cannot give 24/7 it will burn you out.....time alone doing what you enjoy is refreshing.
remember my Mrs Cranky an outsider and my mum would you think that sewing was good for me? We all have a hobby, yours is sewing which believe it or not would be hell on earth for gaming is the boys hobby, sewing is yours...respect their right to get cranky at times...they are getting frustrated but they are thinking and trying to overcome obstacles. Lecture over......big will be fine just keep on loving and muddling along they will still love you because you will be by their side even when they are unlovable...that is all that counts at the end of the day. xxxxxxxx

nz green buttons said...Best Blogger Tips

Love that fabric! I'm a fan of tiered skirts, so twirly. My sister and I had matching rainbow polka dot ones, so much fun!

Schulz Family said...Best Blogger Tips

gorgeous skirt and I am so with game day. One day a week sounds good to me. I have scheduled our time too or it takes over.

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

That last photo is adorable! Cute skirt too. She'll get a lot of wear from it. I get mummy guilts over not sewing for my kids but only making things for myself ... and the neglect they sometimes get while making those things.

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