Wednesday, January 14, 2015

City Gym Shorts - Slightly addictive! - All the things I made in 2014

A big thanks to Leonie from Kiwi At Heart for introducing me to the City Gym Shorts pattern by The Purl Bee!

I had been watching via Instagram, all of the different creations that Leonie had been sewing up for her girls, and in December I decided to give them a go for myself!

It started with the vintage floral sheet......

 then I added the gingham for the binding....

 and to top it off, a Rouleau tie.

 Since watching a number of episodes at my mums each weekend of The Great British Sewing Bee....loving it!! ( But we are now TV free ), I've been inspired to create and throw in a few old favourite techniques, and I hadn't used a Rouleau tie in a while.
in fact I'm quite tempted to take part in this challenge this year.....but more on that another time!

After that pair, I cut out two more pairs for her and two more for me, though I only managed to sew up another one before the Christmas rush. 
However, I'm so glad I did as I have got so much wear out of these!

Plus the size is bang on! I made one size larger than my hip measurement to account for my shapely derrière! hehe, and its perfect! 

My pair was made from a op-shop fabric find, as to not waste any good material...its the first place I find in the second hand shops! 
and with that success, I'm now keen to get the other pairs sewn up, as these are so comfortable to wear around the garden, and I just love to look at my little girl running around in these cute retro style shorts!

Ahhhh this girl, always with an apple in her hand!

So if you ever considered making some, I give the pattern a big thumbs up.  They have a lovely simple construction, apart from the binding being possibly a bit tricky for a beginner, the rest is plain sailing! 


Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

These are adorable! I'm feeling inspired to make some for us 4 girls too! I will have to bookmark these as these two are too good an ad not to give it a go ;)

Leonie Kiwiatheart said...Best Blogger Tips

Yay! I love these so much!
I am so addicted to this pattern too They are so easy and my girls literally live in them because Ive made pairs for pjs too!

nz green buttons said...Best Blogger Tips

So awesome Laura! I've got one pair cut out for my daughter with some Inkodyed fabric, you've inspired me to get them sewed up now!

BigLittle said...Best Blogger Tips

Your shorts look so great, and I just love the colours you have chosen. Have seen a bunch of these shorts floating around lately and just love them, but I doubt they would fit over my bump this summer - maybe next summer :) xx

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