Monday, January 20, 2014

A Handmade Christmas for Our Children - Doxie Dogs

Now that I have found my camera charger, I've been able to take some pics to share with you all my last minute handmade Christmas presents I made last year.

For our 2013 Christmas we decided to cut costs and make the kids their Christmas presents, that and reduce the amount of cheap plastic crap entering our home!

Mike had the two eldest boys to make for, and I made for the two youngest.

All the boys got to be part of the process, deciding what they would like.  I have to say I may have had a mild panic attack when a particular wish list was compiled!....but I'll tell you more about that another day..

For my Lil Miss though I decided to keep it a surprise, because afterall she's still little, and the mystery of presents are so much fun!

So I compiled a list and set to making all these things a few days before christmas.......yip, I left it till the last minute again! But I've figured, I do work best under pressure.

My little girl is dog crazy! so when I remembered this little Doxie Dog Necklace that I pinned on Pinterest a while ago, I knew I had to add that to the last minute to do list!

This took a couple of hours sitting on the couch in the evening handsewing, which was very satisfying!

That night as I was heading off to dream land, I thought up an idea for a doxie dog pillow.

It wasn't on the list but I just couldn't get it out of my head so the next day when I saw a pink doily that Cat had sent me in a little package, the ideas came flooding in, before I had time to rationlise adding yet another present onto the list, I had drafted a pattern up, sewed it together and my two legged dog was born!

 Mike keeps mocking me about that fact! The two legged dog probably would have been better off with four.....but hey it was a last minute rush and all, supposed to be a pillow...therefore I reckon it works.

My favourite part is the vintage button eyes, they are from my Nana's button jar.
Mum reminisced once she saw them, remembering one of Nana's garments that they once adorned.

 And for my dog mad girl it was a success! 
She loved, and still loves it!


BigLittle said...Best Blogger Tips

The two legged dog is so adorable. The two legs make her unique and special, and something she is much more likely to remember fondly as an adult than something plastic, that is for sure. You are ever so talented. xx

sascedar said...Best Blogger Tips

What gorgeous puppy gifts! I have done lots of handmade gifts for Christmas, but seem to bail out of the philosophy when it comes to our kids- advertising pressure I suppose! Can't wait to see what the big boy's gifts were! xxSarah

A little bit country said...Best Blogger Tips

Just love them, especially the doily dog. xo

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

You are such a force Laura! Man you have some crazy skills and talent - awesome doggy and two legs make perfect sense for a pillow if you ask me ;) my little one was pretty excitable looking at your doggy pictures with me! so I think you've def got a winner there!

Susan C. said...Best Blogger Tips

That is ADORABLE. I applaud your philosophy too, gifts are more then the latest cheap plastic "thing". The piles of that I have moved out over the years...*hangs her head* mine just want cash. :-)...

Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh Laura those are the sweetest doggy dogs ever!
go the handmade gifts .. .. ..

Mokki said...Best Blogger Tips

The dog is awesome! You've done a really good job, the shape of the head and the ears, eyes and nose make her look like a real dog with real personality. Well done!

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