Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Dinners

I love Sundays!
Sundays are all about doing the things we love to do
whether it's digging in a new garden or like today, helping Mike erect the walls of our garage!

But the best part about it, is knowing that as the evening draws nearer, there's a roast dinner waiting at Mums.

 Its part of a family tradition that I grew up with, eating around the table with my Uncles and their families, and occasionally, visiting family from overseas.
But as the family moved away.....across the ocean and throughout New Zealand, this family tradition became a thing of the past.

So when my mum suggested that she could move up here to be closer to us, I was overjoyed at the idea! It would mean my children would finally have their Nana down the road, just like I had. 

Being rural she isn't within walking distance.  But still nearby enough to be always be on hand. Which is something that has been a bit of a novelty this past year!

Yesterday it was so lovely hearing my son on the phone to his Nana, asking if he and his brother could stay the is something that was just not a reality when we lived 6 hours away.

 And dropping in for a coffee and chat at Mums when I just feel like it, or dropping off Lil Miss for a couple of hours when I need to go places child free, is wonderful!

But being able to pick up a family tradition that had been lost for so many years is something I treasure....and I'm sure my Nana would be stoked about it too!

Is there a family tradition that you have or would like to rekindle?
I'd love to hear :) 

Also linking in with Miriam at B.M.W.B :)

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Susan C. said...Best Blogger Tips

Sigh.....I too love Sundays for much the same reasons s you. Traditions, hmmm we have a few, funny how they do involve food a lot. I personally would like to bring back the excitement of Christmas morning with young children, with me up early waiting for them to wake up!
I would insist we all sat together and open our gifts with everyone around the tree.....I keep trying but number one son insists on sleeping until late in the afternoon these days! Oh well, we adapt, but maybe in years to come, there will be a new generation and we can rekindle the excitement.

Miriam said...Best Blogger Tips

I love this Laura - do link in to BMWB if you want to x

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

What a lovely Sunday you guys have. and having special family so close buy is so so wonderful. What a lovely tradition you're creating/keeping-up. xx

BigLittle said...Best Blogger Tips

This sounds like such a lovely way to spend Sunday, how nice you have your mum so close - it must be a comfort. X

Zoë said...Best Blogger Tips

How lovely! I live in NZ too, in Auckland. I have one of my nanas a 10 minute drive away and my other lives down in Manawatu. I always borrow sewing things off my nana who lives nearby. My family traditions are things like always having certain meals on certain days. As a kid I looked forward to Burger thursday every week!

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