Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Handmade Birthday

A couple of weeks ago my lil girl turned 4, which I'm still finding  hard to believe!

Like all her birthdays before, her present was handmade by me.
This year I made a point of finally knitting Daisy the bunny.
The pattern was purchased, well before she was born, with the plan to make it back then.

Made using a gorgeous soft angora yarn, which I can't remember the name of

It was touch and go that I would actually finish her in time for her birthday, because for some silly reason, that week, I thought her birthday was a day after her actual Birthday! for a while there I was prematurely confident that I would be finished in time. 

This little bunny should have had knitted shoes, lace cuffs on her socks, knitted bloomers and a knitted dress.....but with time a ticking, I had to improvise.

So that's where the tutu came about.....
made from bits and pieces in my stash.  Which was a happy accident that all worked out.....although it wasn't without staying up into the early wee hours.

And then as luck would have it the Traveling Stash Box arrived, in it  was some extra sparkly blue tulle in there, and just enough to make a tutu for  my Lil miss.....the perfect accompaniment
present for the bunny

I made it ankle length, because she really loves wearing long skirts and I reckon it will last longer too!

Joining in with Leonie and Show and Tell

Who by the way sent me this sweet package for my birthday a couple of weeks ago.....isn't she lovely? I'm so happy I have own some hoop bunting! :) 


Max said...Best Blogger Tips

happy birthday for a week or so ago!
those ears, i can feel their soft, comforting strokiness from here. she is beautiful. if i wasn't having a paddy about the ridiculous number of soft toys claud owns i would be begging you to make me one for clauds birthday (do you have a shop/make to sell btw?) x

Deb said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh Annie loves her skirts long too!! I don't mind cause they will last for a good couple of years! I do love your bunny. I want to knit a cat for Annie to go with her Mog books.

CHD said...Best Blogger Tips

Love the bunny and the tutu. Perfect for a 4 year old girl. Hope she had a happy day. Our girls are close in age. Cx

SoozieSuzy said...Best Blogger Tips

Wow what an adorable knitted bunny. Those ears are gorgeous.

Susan C. said...Best Blogger Tips

That widdle bunny face.....those wovewee ears......all tutu cute. Quick flash up a slug photo again I need an antedote!
The hoop bunting is genius, well it's happy birthday to all of you spring babies. :-)

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

What a gorgeous little bunny!! You're amazing, well done!

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh that bunny is just too adorable, she looks so cuddly and snuggly - you are awesome and I'm sure your miss is loving her to bits! Xx

BigLittle said...Best Blogger Tips

Happy birthday to your little girl! Your bunny is absolutely adorable xx

Catching the Magic said...Best Blogger Tips

Goodness that is incredible! What a treasure.

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