Friday, August 9, 2013

Ticking of the garden tasks

Mike and I were talking today about how we both feel that this year might be 'the' year we get that bumper crop

We seem to be on top of those yearly tasks....especially the winter ones

Today we got another ticked of the list, by spraying copper on our stone and pip fruit trees...just in time too! as the flowers are starting to swell!
 There's still time if you've forgotten....heres a great article on all those tasks

 And we finally got on top of a pest problem on one of our lemon's had ants all over it along with scale insect....
so using Neem Oil, Mike made up the following concoction

10ml of Neem Oil
2 cloves of crushed garlic
Tbsp of grated sunlight soap or similar
1 litre of warm water 

Whisk together ( or use a stick blender ) and strain through a teatowel for easier use in you spray bottle

 I also used it on the army of slaters living in my artichokes....they've been enjoying the dry sheltered conditions inside the crown of the plant.....but with new buds starting to emerge, in large amounts I've read they can potentially cause harm.....I've read you can also wrap the base of the plant with corrugated cardboard and each day remove it to another area of the garden....
but for me this mix has worked really well.

 And look who keeps popping into my photos!

When I pointed out to her that she was wearing clothes all made by me....she gushed and said " Wow!" I love you're the best boss ever! ( her favourite saying....don't ask me where she got that from )

Such a darling.....always happy when she has flowers to pick and a bag for her latest precious things......that and a piece of fruit within reach!


Schulz Family said...Best Blogger Tips

Great work. I have found the cardboard around the base not to work. So am into spraying too. Rhubarb leaves in water works well to kill all those insects too

kate said...Best Blogger Tips

Good on you guys!! Its hard keeping on top of everything... I MUST get the vege garden planted! Arghh... I have got soooo slack this year. And I love that your children are fully dressed in clothes you made. Go you!!

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

goodness! You guys just have everything covered! What cant you two do? x

Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

Where would I be without you my garden goddess . . .
Just made a note to spray the stone and pip fruit ASAP

Now when do I dig up my rhubarb crowns and split them AND do I HAVE to?

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

wow! your artichokes look amazing!

I know who to call with my tree questions :)

robertguyton said...Best Blogger Tips

What an extraordinary photograph of your daughter! Wonderful in so many ways.

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