Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Something Quick and Satisfying

That's exactly what I needed.....
for last two weeks I've been trying to get into sewing, but yet there's always dishes, laundry and general housework getting in my way.....and housework is definitely not my strong point, but in this tiny house, it just doesn't feel right to make more mess in mess....
if you get what I mean?

So finally the other day, I got around to cutting out and sewing up this cute little skirt.  
( and ignored the mess )

I bought this fabric last year, but during my little vacay at my mums many months ago ( for my sanities sake ) it got lost between transit....that and with my overlocker foot too! 
 After turning my house upside down and my mums several times...I had admitted defeat... until a couple of weeks ago mum found it, on top of HER sewing machine!!! Like seriously...clueless how we missed that!

So now I've got my sewing mojo back, I've also done a bit of upcycling for a top to match.
I'm just putting the finishing touches to it before I share, plus a very mini tutorial....or more like a how to tutorial

I used the Paris Skirt pattern from the Nothing too Fancy blog for this little skirt, and she recommends using three rows of gathering, which is something my mum always told me, but I never could be bothered..
until now! It really does make all the difference between a average gather and really nice one.
Also in breaking news,  we have a garage pad in the making!!!
I can't wait for this to be finished....we are literally bursting at the seams here.

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Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

It's so cute! yay for quick and satisfying - and for ignoring housework! and yay for the garage pad! Our backyard looks very similar at the moment with those retaining walls! :)

Leanne M said...Best Blogger Tips

That is such a cute skirt. It can seem like there is never a clear space to work when the kitchen table is already littered with other people's stuff. Like you, by the time I've cleaned it away, I've lost the motivation to sew! Maybe you could add a craft space to the car pad ;).

Miriam said...Best Blogger Tips

love it, love the print. I must try 3 lines of gathering - sometimes I only do one.

hollymayb said...Best Blogger Tips

Hooray for the Sewing Mojo!! Go garage, so you can get some stuff out of the house :)

Same here - sometimes chores just need to be left. Sanity is more important.


CHD said...Best Blogger Tips

That skirt pattern looks really nice. I'll have to take a look. Love the fabric and the gathers- I normally do 2 rows and had no idea three works better. Now I do. Cx

Alyna Higgs-James said...Best Blogger Tips

Super cute, can't wait to see what else you have been up too! :)

Alyna Higgs-James said...Best Blogger Tips

Super cute, looking to forward to seeing what else you have been making :)

Juliet @ Tartankiwi said...Best Blogger Tips

Cute skirt- love the fabric!
Thanks for the tip about gathering- will try it the next time :-)

Max said...Best Blogger Tips

Its exceedingly cute! One day i hope to know what three lines of gathering is!

Schulz Family said...Best Blogger Tips

Awesome getting a garage in. I did not know that about gathering. Will try it next time. You are full of great tips, can't wait to see the tutorial

Rachelle said...Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous skirt, nice and bright. I wish our garage was at the pad point; still at council here.

Sarah Ann said...Best Blogger Tips

Lovely skirt - love the fabric. It's beautifully made.

Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

Yeah for finding sewing time
I pulled a pattern FOR ME out today but got side tracked with blog reading and commenting and now 2 hours later I have lunches to make and grocery shopping to do *sigh*
tomorrow is another day tho

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