Thursday, October 18, 2012

Spring Knitting

There was a small gap in the rain today 
so I sneaked a couple of pics of Lil Misses new cardigan

Gingham dress made by my Mum

I realised I have been so busy knitting for new babies, that she was still wearing a cardigan I knitted her last year....
 so this became my project during the school holidays.

I'm not convinced whether I like the ribbon or not, since it doesn't tie together properly and it makes it bunch up, which gives the illusion that it doesn't fit.... so I might change that? 
Maybe a button instead? What do you think?
Despite that I do love the colour and the construction was quite unique.

Knitted in a lovely Possum Merino blend from Utiku 
( The Wool Company )
Pattern - Jane by Tikki Knits

For the first time in a while I'm linking in with


Max said...Best Blogger Tips

It's beautiful, the colour is divine. The ribbon looks kind of flimsy, could you get a thicker, velvet ribbon thru there maybe? It's posts like this that are keeping me persevering with learning to knit, i'd be on cloud 9 if i made that. Not to mention the dress. I really think that there should be a rule that all girls 10 and under must wear gingham. They look like real girls in gingham, not mini adults. Have a great long weekend x

sascedar said...Best Blogger Tips

what a pretty garment, love the border pattern, and that wool looks so very soft. :)sarah

Julie Witt said...Best Blogger Tips

How about one of those clasps, the kind that clip on both edges. I don't know what they are called but here is a link to a photo I found on Etsy -
It's a gorgeous little sweater and I love the gingham dress!

Jenny from Ohjoh said...Best Blogger Tips

I like the ribbon - even if it was just fed through and finished at the end so you didn't tie it.
I especially love the dress - so sweet!

Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

Such a sweet dress and cardi
I love the ribbon however in saying that I use clasps for tsunami

Deb said...Best Blogger Tips

I love this cardy and I know I'm posting way after the event, but what if you just thread the ribbon through as you have but then sew them at the edge of the cardy so you still get the ribbon look but not the bunching. Does that make any sense??

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