Monday, June 25, 2012

Kids in the Kitchen

Tonight Mr B made dinner again.
And as I am curious as to how long this episode of their lives will last, I will be documenting their dinners through this blog.

Tonight we had fish fingers, and stir fried cabbage.

I cut the cabbage, (though he wanted to look the part for the photo) while he was in charge of the fish fingers.... he attempted to stir fry the cabbage, but the job eventually was given to me...
 he's still respectful of a hot frypan

Condiments as you can see were tomato sauce and mild american mustard.... yip my kids currently have a love affair with mustard!

This turned out to be a great quick meal, that was easy enough to prepare ( with a little help ) by my 8yr old. And everyone agreed that the tempura battered version is much nicer then the crumbed... less greasy was the verdict!

Fish fingers are my go to dinner, when I can't be bothered cooking ( fish and chip shop is a 30 min round trip away )
Now we reckon it will be part of the boys repertoire too!


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