Thursday, June 14, 2012

I've been dreading writing this post... but here goes

The last three weeks have been busy.

Busy catching up with Mike, enjoying being a family unit again,  planting fruit trees, building raised vege patches, installing our homemade compost turner ( courtesy of my lovely Mike )

And then there was my eldest boy turning 10! ( it's still sinking in )

But it's also been a rollercoaster of emotions for us in the last couple of week.  The day after we waved goodbye to Mike ( again ), I hit a real emotional low.  The thought of having to wait another 4 to 6 weeks before our family was reunited again, really got me down.

Only two days later, Mum told me to pack the car and stay with her for a couple of days...  It was horrible night, raining and blowing a gale outside and it was getting dark when we left, but I was happy for any type of escape, so I packed the kids,
 and headed down the road.

We'd only got 8kms down the road, when I came around the corner to see a tree lying in the road, I slammed my brakes on, and yip you guessed it ....CRASH!!.... ( write off )

This is where I can only say the following 

I'm grateful.... No one got hurt
I'm grateful... that I managed to send enough txt messages to get help before the reception cut out
I'm grateful... for a friendly local stopping to help, on the way home from milking. And along with my neighbours help and herself they drove us back home.
I'm also grateful for my neighbours continued help, they have done milk runs, rubbish runs and are dropping off and picking up my kids from the bus stop everyday!

But of course when it rains it pours, the day after the crash my water ran out...  So I'm grateful to our plumber who arrived 10 mins after I rang him ( the water pump ceased ) and promptly called in a favour to get the water truck to arrive that day :) 

And the support just keeps on coming... yesterday I had an offer for the use of a car, from the guy who grazes our land, ( I've only met him twice ) and then today the cable man ( yip finally gave in and got TV ) offered some free topsoil for our raised garden beds!  

So as you can see, even though it's been rough couple of weeks, and poor Mike wishes he could do more from afar, I have been recently reminded, that I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by a such friendly community.

I know that this is a very vague post and there more to this story, but mentally I just couldn't write it in any otherway...

During the last week, I've found, doing alot painting, sewing and knitting, has helped me keep my spirits up... so I'll share soon.


tartankiwi said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh Laura, you poor thing. It really sounds like you've been having a rough time of it. Here's to things getting better from now on. Is there any prospect for Mike moving up to be with you all permanently?
Thinking of you.
Hugs J x

Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

oh Laura **hugs** is there ANYTHING we can do for YOU or for the kids?

Max said...Best Blogger Tips

Your doing a grand job of keeping your chin up (i think I'd be curled up in a ball under the bed clothes if i had no car and no husband on duty!). Hoping all your bad luck is used up and you have a big chunk of the good stuff coming your way x

Sophie Slim said...Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like youve been having a hard time and being a total soldier! xx Love of love and hugs xx

Sophie Slim said...Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like youve been having a hard time and being a total soldier! xx Love of love and hugs xx

Miriam said...Best Blogger Tips

I think a large block of chocolate and a girlfriend with a DVD are probably in order - if I were closer I would offer my services. Applause for your bravery and courage in the face of adversity. You are a strong woman xxxx

Notchka said...Best Blogger Tips

Good on you for looking on the bright side. I was just thinking about you today - and there you go writing on my blog....serendipity. I really can't offer much more than what everyone else has said except that its a courageous person who chooses to see the good in a troubling situation. I hope something will work out in the near future for your family - hang in there and stay positive!

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh no, poor you! Such an awful shock, but thank God you are all okay and it sounds like your Guardian Angel was there to protect you and send lots of neighbourly help too.

It must be so hard for you, but I admire your courage and really hope things start to get a little easier and brighter for you day by day x

Monica Williams said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh Laura! Oh that's horrid and I understand the toll must be so exhausting- not only coping with the kids on your own but all the rest too! Thinking of you hon and hope you get some rest and respite soon. You are a brave lady. xx

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

I admire you finding the positives despite it all. Big hugs, hang in there - L x

Sally said...Best Blogger Tips

A tough and traumatic time indeed. I do so hope you feeling a little better and a lot less shaken now.

Mumma Bear said...Best Blogger Tips

Golly! I am only just catching up on my fave blogs now! WOW! I am so glad that you and the kids are ok, it is great though that you live in such an amazing community. That is hard to find in urban areas. Hope you are now on the mend and you are enjoying family time, even if briefly. Big hugs xx

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