Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Doll's Nappy Bag

I haven't felt much like blogging lately, probably because my mind has been consumed with the impending move north.
3 days and counting!!!!

But seeing as I may not have a chance to be online again for a few weeks, I thought I would share the nappy bag I made to go with the dolls nappies and clothes I made see here

I hadn't post these photo's yet simply because I had good intentions to get a better shot of the bag.... but hey life got the best of me!

She's starting to pose for photos now :)
Showing off her favourite things

On Christmas day she recieved so many bright and fluffy exciting toys, and amongst it was my handmade pressy... in the excitement of it all this didn't stand a chance.... but that day has passed and the weeks have gone by with this being number one!
yay handmade won the day!!!

 She's quite content folding and unfolding these nappies, then stuffing them into her bag... occasionally a baby gets a nappy change and bum wipe

Athough there is fresh competition, this little bag arrived in the mail the other day from Juliet at Tartan Kiwi (part of a giveaway I won)

This was her reaction directly after receiving it

And lucky me, I got a little gift too! A very cute box purse that now holds a knitting project.... sorry I didn't take any pics.... I have been meaning to take pics of the Christmas pjays and the gifts I made for boys, plus a finished summer knit.... maybe tommorow or in a few weeks? I'll see how the week pans out :)


tartankiwi said...Best Blogger Tips

Love the wee nappy bag! I'm sure she will get many happy hours of play out of it!
Can't believe that its only 3 days till you move- good luck with that (not jealous- hee hee!).

jimbillsmum said...Best Blogger Tips

Very cute and great idea. I love that Little Miss is a year or so ahead of my little girl. Ive got some great ideas for next xmas - thanks :-)

Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

Am camping at moment and just discovered google reader on my iPhone *yeah* I've missed my blog reading!
Rightio ocean calling my name . . .
Gorgeous gorgeous piccies

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

That is the cutest little present for a little girl! Love the little monkey bag too xo

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