Friday, September 2, 2011

Sew September Day 2

I have been looking everywhere for my overlocker power cord.... afterall if I am to do a bit a sewing everyday of September I would like to use my overlocker at least once.... that and its the reason I haven't finished Middle B's trousers.

This week I've been trying to retrace my steps, search my deep receases of my memory of where I may have put it. Obviously it was stashed somewhere in a rushed clean up!
So today I tried again, this time having a real " mothers look" sometimes searching 3 times in the same place.

Then fed up I decided my craft cupboard which was spilling out into all corners of the bedroom needed some attention.   My fabric was all refolded and packed away, patterns gathered together, and odd bits and pieces put back in their rightful place.... I closed the cupboard satifsfied.  I glanced up above......  and there it was! peaking out amongst bags of random junk.... yay! my overlocker cord!  Ha Classic!

So hopefully I can put a smile of my boy with a finished pair of trousers by the end of this weekend.

As for today......


Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...Best Blogger Tips

Oooo that last photo is lovely, what are you making, it looks gorgeous!

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