Friday, May 13, 2011

Vintage Hand Me Down

Yay,  I finally found my camera charger! 
I have been busy finishing lots of crafting but I hadn't been able to blog about it until now..... I think I will "think twice" about putting the charger in a "safe place" again, woops!

Anyway wind back a couple of weeks to Easter weekend,
 we went over to mikes mum and dads, and while there I was offered two feather duvets that were my mother in laws and her sisters when they were young, 
they had been in the airing cupboard for years and have been kept in such good condition, I just couldn't pass them up.
But since our car was so full, I just took the smaller one home
this time

 I love it! 
And lil miss has really enjoyed snuggling under this in her cot,
 she actually seems to sleep better with this, perfect! 
All the buttons on this, is clearly handmade,
even though I think this was shop/catalogue bought back then, which was the usual in NZ

And the other thing, I got to complete this jumper for lil miss

Its called Owlet by Kate Davies and you can find it on Ravelry
The buttons were painstaking to sew on, because I made sure that every two buttons, I started with a new thread, so that the jumper would still retain its stretch around the yoke. 
But this did take alot of time.
 Though I think it was worth it, it made the dark wool pop!

wool: one of Skeinz originals found here

Can you see the little owls?  Cute huh?

The wool was destined for me, and is more my colourings...
 but stash busting was on my mind.

I think she can get away with it, and teamed with deep pink clothes or her charcoal grey leggings, its not too shabby :) win win!


Mon said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh my goodness Laura that jumper is ADORABLE! I love it! God I wish I could knit now!!!!

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

Thanks monica :) I wish I had the same passion for baking!

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

So cute! I just love it!

Thanks for sharing with So Sweet Sundays! :)

jimbillsmum said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh I have eiderdown envy, its gorgeous! And the owlet turned out great, I love the yarn.

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

And there is another one in pink! with the same pattern and larger.... I'm so lucky :)

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