Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dressed for a wintery day

With the days getting colder, it was time that I knitted another hat for lil miss, I finished this the other week... but yesterday was the perfect excuse to use it

The pattern is another by Ysolda Teague and is called the
Icing Swirl Hat, I downsized the original so that it could fit,
though worn as a slouchy beret it is way to baggy,
so I prefer it worn like above.

Cute eh?

Miss Independent! Of she goes again!

But I haven't been just knitting!
A couple of weeks ago I sewed up a some circle skirts

I found the tutorial on Dana Made It blog here

One of Lil Misses favourite past times!

The only difference is I added a yoga style waistband like this one  at Make it Love it blog.  Its nice and gentle on big tummy's

Best of all, it only used a small amount of fabric,
and hemming knit in a circle is so easy.

Love the way it drapes.


Mon said...Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous...seriously you should sell these Laura. You are so clever.

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

@Mon Thankyou Monica, maybe one day :)

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