Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Teepee Winter dress


 My little girls newest addition to her winter wardrobe courtesy of a free pattern from The Mix it Make it Blog
here is The Millie Dress.

I love so much about this dress, the frills around the arms, the comfy knit and the Teepees!!
But suprisingly for me I love the mustard colour

It's not a colour I'm usually drawn to, but for my girl she suits it so well.

The free pattern is only available to size 6, so I extended the bodice shoulder height and width to accomodate her size and make sure it would fit over her head without a fight! 
I also extended the length of the skirt to 50cm......but now I'm looking at the photo's,
 I realised I forgotten to lengthen the sleeves after I made the modifications to the width! Oops.

Now I'm just debating whether to make the long sleeve T shirt would be pretty cute wouldn't it? And sure to be a hit with girl too.


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