Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Pink Princessy Dress Success!

For such a long time now I've been waiting for the day my little girl would reach that age that she would enjoy dress ups......I've tried to introduce them to her plenty of times over her six years


but each time, in her own delightful way she would accept them with the utmost admiration, only for it to be left lingering in the toy basket for eternity.

 In fact the local toy library has been invaluable for us lately as her interest is lost rather quickly in conventional toys.  
Her type of favourite game has more of a repetitive structure to it....or one of her favourite's is scribbling in her notebook

So when we started her at school this term, she fell in love with a pink princess dress in the classroom dress ups, and then followed the request for a 'pink princess dress' for her birthday.....and seeing as this year she finally understood the concept of birthdays, I had all the items she wanted including this dress faithfully told to me each time her birthday was mentioned....hahaha!


 So putting the past behind me, I threw myself right into it and started collecting all the things needed...metres and metres of tulle and netting and the ideas then started flooding my mind.

I drafted up a little bodice, and with a some sort of concept in mind, I started putting this poofy princessy creation together.


I really love how the centre bodice turned out, and I'm very happy with myself that I took the time to baste the layers together at every reduced much of the possible unpicking that I could have faced with such a challenge.

 The only part I would happily not do again, would be all the layers of netting/tulle and satin.....when all these are ruffled up and sewn one at a time onto the bodice, it becomes quite a feat!

But the end result I have to say I am estactic with, mostly because she just adores it, and walks around pretending to be a princess....It's hard for me to keep my eyes off her as she floats around in it.....shes just adorable!

And here's one more photo because she is too cute! 
Here she is with one of her favourite books at mums...
the tiny bible....(anything tiny with words she loves!) 



Sophie Slim said...Best Blogger Tips

WOW ITS FABULOUS!!! I Absolutely love it! What a PINK PRINCESS DRESS! You totally nailed the brief! ;) Love the poofyness of it! And that bodice is perfect with the detail down the center! x

Susan C. said...Best Blogger Tips

You have come a long way baby....not what you planned, not what you envisaged but look at you now!!! The love that you have showered on her is Inspirational, this is just beautiful!!!

Schulz Family said...Best Blogger Tips

What a fantastic outfit. You made a smashing job of it

Linda Forager said...Best Blogger Tips

Wow this looks fantastic. I'm sure this will be one dress up that comes out again and again. Well done!

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh my word! Every little girls' dream! Man you are so clever! I can imagine she did/does not want to take it off! EVER! Gorgeous gorgeous dress xx

Joanne Costar said...Best Blogger Tips

Very very beautiful

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