Thursday, July 18, 2013

So yeah!....its been awhile.....I did set out for these to be a weekly post....but life happens, and as most of the projects I want to do are going to be bigger than a few hair was unrealistic for me.

So I'll still be posting on these Conquering Crochet Friday's, but just not weekly, more like when I have conquered another crochet project!

So here's the latest

It took me a few attempts, and a few different patterns,
before I settled on this one.  
What a 'eureka' moment, when it finally came together!!

During those frustrating moments, I turned back to ye ole faithful, and knitted a couple of bootie sock pairs, before daring to pick up the hook again

And no I can gladly say these are not for a number 5 baby!

The story behind these started from my knitting group that I have recently started to attend each month, and its here, that I met a lovely lady who happens to knit for many charitys.

  But its Kids First at Middlemore Hospital, that really caught my attention. Ever since Mr B was born, we have been under their care for any surgeries or dental appointments, and in the early days, a majority of our outpatient appointments aswell.  The lovely thing is that from 5mths old to his latest major surgery at 6yrs, we also had the same nurses! They have been there for many years and are rostered on especially for the cleft lip and palate surgery days.
I can assure you its very comforting to see a familiar face during those days.  

But hearing about this charity from Elizabeth, reminded me of how I always promised myself that I would help in some way, 
and give back in kindness. 
Although there is a urgent need for woolies during the cold seasons, there is a year round need too, as there are many babies who come from all over the country for specialist care, not just Auckland. And that includes babies and children flown in from the Islands, where many arrive with only the clothes they are wearing, which you can guess, is most of the time, unsuitable for our climate. 
(And they also give share with Starship Hospital aswell )

So thats the start of my contribution, I'll slowly add to this as I can....although I was hoping to pass them on for collection yesterday... a recent virus ( that took the whole family down this week ) prevented next time ;)

And if you would like to help out you can find all the details on sizing and contacts


Sammy said...Best Blogger Tips

Love that you are doing this Laura. I feel the same way about Hospice and would do ANYTHING for them.

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Lovely booties and awesome cause. Familiarity is such a comfort:). Hope the family have all recovered from the nasty! Xx

Max said...Best Blogger Tips

good on you Laura, it's a great way to say thanks, they are so beautiful x

Lisa said...Best Blogger Tips

they are beautiful x I am off to look at that pattern. I have so far only mastered Grannysquares

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