Monday, April 1, 2013

Sweet Heart Dress Take Two

I liked the shape so much of my last Sweetheart dress that I've made a second one....and just for you Miriam I've styled it with a pair of gumboots....because afterall if you were to come over to my place, that's how I would greet you at your car in a pair of gumboots....regardless of whether I'm wearing a dress or my old jeans and a t-shirt
This time I made a couple of changes.  I did a heap of shirring in the back for shaping, though there is still a hand picked zip in there.  And I drafted a half circle skirt, because I like the way a skirt on the bias always hangs nicely and skims my curves and I went down a size in the bodice!! woohoo
(though the material is a heavy stretch cotton to allow for that plus all that shirring )

I was really surprised by how the fabric worked so well with being cut and sewn back together on angle.  It made a fabric that I wasn't that keen on, into something I've enjoyed wearing a number of times

Oh and did I mention that my whole family were watching and coaching in the background?

And this photo is especially for my brother

He loves his old Mercedes, and he was adamant that it would good look in the frame......I'm feeling a bit Westie now, all I need is my brothers dark shades and his rottwelier at my feet with a pair of strappy red heels to complete the look!! ( ooooh got a pair of those too )
Is anyone thinking Outrageous Fortune?
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Al said...Best Blogger Tips

you look fab! n all. i wish I could wear dresses...I always look frumpy. nice car bro!(the things we sisters do!)x

Miriam said...Best Blogger Tips

Love it - the first photo of you is so gorgeous. Your hubby needs that one for his wallet! love!

Max said...Best Blogger Tips

More nz's top model than outrageous fortune to my eyes! Gorgeous dress too! Xxx

Bron said...Best Blogger Tips

Great look lovely...the gumboots and the fun you had are smile worthy indeed. xx

Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

LOVE it I LOVE LOVE LOVE all these photos of you!! !!
Go you gorgeous thing

Sophie Slim said...Best Blogger Tips

I agree with Max! I thought these photos looked very NZNTM!


Schulz Family said...Best Blogger Tips

I love it. You are so brave doing shirring, I remember my mother learning and it looked difficult.

Barbs said...Best Blogger Tips


Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous you in a gorgeous dress!! Just Love it all xx

Tartankiwi said...Best Blogger Tips

Wow gorgeous photos and stunning dress that suits your figure prefectly!
Will you be bringing your gumboots to Chch with you? You wear them with such elegance ;-)

HandJ Cobb said...Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous! Super flattering on you!

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Just babe-ing around being a babe! Love it.

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

totally gorgeous!!!!

Ninotchka McKay said...Best Blogger Tips

Looks like you had fun - I particularly like that first photo in the shed with the light - gorgeous. Isn't it amazing how pattern can be so different - on the bolt, in the garment and as you say even changing its orientation - I wasn't thinking 'O.F.' (until you mentioned it) - its very NZ Designer me thinks. State of Grace maybe or Voon?

kate said...Best Blogger Tips

you look stunning!! Clever girl you are :)

Andrea Turner said...Best Blogger Tips

Super cute! I don't usually like shirring on adult clothes, but it actually looks good on your version of the dress. I like how well it blends into the fabric's pattern. and it's looks amazing on you. I've got myself a copy of Gertie's book, but I haven't made anything out of it yet.
Andrea @ Mouse in My Pocket

Debbie S. said...Best Blogger Tips

Great looking dress! Just my style with my curves too. Thanks for sharing.

hollymayb said...Best Blogger Tips

Awesome! The fabric looks like feathers from a distance. I have yet to tackle 'shirring' with my sewing machine, one day...

I love the red bands ;)

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