Friday, March 15, 2013

Autumn Bounty and feeling motivated

Mikes back....and I'm back from Mum's
We're back as a family unit...atleast for now anyway.

Straight away Mike has started to tackle tasks that I've let slide......
I came back from taking the kids to tennis when I was greeted by a table full of pumpkins, chicken soup on the stove and bread rising in the oven..

There's nothing like a hot soup and buttered bread to really make you feel like hunkering down for the cold weather....

There's been a few nights where I've felt the need to get the knitting needles out again..... but everytime I visited the house to water the seedlings and check on the animals, I would look past the many flowers setting seed, and plants needing my attention...putting it off to another day.

With Mike here now...and having him already finished one of my things on my to do list....I felt the urge to get started on the sunflowers.....which after lunch became a whole family affair.....

and what started with the sunflowers soon followed with seed from the Hollyhocks, Cornflowers and Mike sowing more Coriander.

Mike and I really work well as a team....but apart? not so well.
Today's a good example, he jump started me out of my hiatus...and now my mind is full of plans for this new season.....meanwhile building is occupying Mikes every thought as the garage/office is near to becoming a reality.

Tonight we'll be dropping the kids off at Mums, and heading to friends for the night, it's a chance to wear my new dress (just finished), to show off my new hair do.....and a night away with no children ... something we haven't done since the two of us became 6...... ummmn bliss!


Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

That table looked so inviting! So glad you're all back together - long may it last! Hope you're feeling lots better, enjoy your evening and cant wait to see the new hair-do! xx

Allison said...Best Blogger Tips

that table looks like bliss to me!....have fun tonight, kick up your heels. x

Schulz Family said...Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like Mike is amazing. Have an excellent night out

Sophie Slim said...Best Blogger Tips

All those pumpkins out of your garden!?

So lovely that you work so well together! Enjoy your night out - take a moment to look into his eyes ;)

Bron said...Best Blogger Tips

Wow what a lovely job you two are doing is great to be in a partnership that encourages beautiful things....have a fabulous time away together. xxx

Sammy said...Best Blogger Tips

Hope your night was amazing xxxx

Widge said...Best Blogger Tips

Hope you had a well deserved lovely break together!

A little bit Country said...Best Blogger Tips

I hope you had a great night out. You appreciate them so much more when you have kids. I know I do as it is usually a rare event. Have been having a sticky beak around your blog, lots to love here. Following now! Elaina xo

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

What a gorgeous blog! Loving it. Looking forward to meeting you at the bloggers get together soon :)

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