Sunday, March 27, 2011

Taking a step back in time

Its been 3 months now since I have converted to reusable nappies.
And I don't think I would go back... actually wish I had done it sooner...

Sure,  there is more work involved, but once your in rhythm with this.. it is easier than you think.  I actually find that my whites get washed more often, just because I have to wash nappies everyday.

As my mum said, "its lovely to see a line full of white nappies blowing in the breeze".... I have to admit it I love it too!


  • Money saver ( one pack of terry towelling cost me $49nz, two Snappies, two overnight nappy boosters, and handknitted soakers ) Not only am I saving on buying nappies, but I am saving in on our rubbish bags ( 4 bucks a council bag here! yikes )
  • Natural cloth bums - just something nice about natural fibres close to the skin
  • Helping reduce landfill - I know, an obvious one, but definately one of the reasons I chose cloth nappies.
  • Washing is more regular - This may not be great for everyone, but I have found this to be a great motivator to keep the washing pile down, I have found the bottom of my washing basket quite alot, and my woolens are washed within a couple of days rather then piling up ( if only there was a motivator for the rest of the house work )


  •  More Washing - Have to be honest here, not everyone would find this a pro
  • Regular Changing - Although this can be a pro, I'll be the first to admit of leaving my child in disposable diapers for too long
  • Regular clothing generally doesn't fit - big bulky diapers, don't fit under many modern day clothing, lucky I can sew!
  • Get used to getting close and personal with poo - you can't avoid it, no wrapping it up in a diaper and throwing it away! But really it is just a earlier introduction, because once toilet training happens, many accidents occur in underwear.
  • Bulky diapers = Big butt - yes this is cute, but unless you know that a child is wearing cloth diapers, I have found people tend to mention how large your child is.... my lil miss has a big scrumptious belly, rolls on her legs, a sway in her back + a cloth diaper, it makes her look much more bulkier than she really is.... this is obviously a personal opinion, and one that I have a issue with ( one that I need to get over, but just being honest )
I'm sure there are other pros/cons, but these are the ones that stand out to me.  There are great resources out there if you would like to make the change.  I am a mum of four, and although I briefly did the cloth diaper nappy stint with my first child,  it took me a couple more kids to give it a try again! So glad I did....

A couple of helpful links

By making this choice, I have been able to put my knitting skills to good use, and use up some of my stash. 

I knitted these vanilla soakers by Kelly Brooker on Ravelry.
Great pattern and seamless, which I love.

Along with all this nappy business, I have kept to part of my new years resolution with baking more, which has helped reduce the food bill.  With only a $150 dollars a week to spend on food, a weekly menu to stick to has not only helped day to day routine but also reduced the food bills..... add foraging to the mix and my vege garden ( love you courgettes ) and it has become a personal challenge to end up with change from my $150, last week I spent $70 yippee!

Above Clockwise: Foraged Plums ( yum jam ), Busy People Bread by Annabel Langbein, Homemade Tortilla ( so cheap to make and much better than store bought,  Chickpea salad with pizza ( dough made with crusty flat bread recipe, another of Annabels )

I still buy at least three 3lt bottles of milk a week, and one 1kg block of cheese, plus a load of butter when on special. 
But to counteract this, I have reduced the amount of meat we eat ( even mince is expensive here 12.95 a kg for crap mince ), and increased pulses, veges in our diet, plus it is possible my kids are getting sick of rice :)
The biggest help to achieve this, has been planning ahead of time, and not being caught out at the last minute, too often a trip to the four square ends up being $30 or more when we are caught short.

I guess all I am doing is taking a leaf out of my Mums/Nanas book, and although it is hard work, it is rewarding ... so bring it on!


Painting workshop said...Best Blogger Tips

This is such a great site! I like the way you set this up! Great content and images as well! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

@Painting workshop thankyou daniel, Its great to know others like what you are blogging, checked your site out - love the portrait paintings.... one day I will pick up the paint brush again

Megan said...Best Blogger Tips

i use a mix of cloth nappies and disposable nappies for my just- turned 2 year old and she has started asking for the cloth nappies when we change her. She shakes her head to the disposables when she sees one and says 'coff nappy coff nappy'!! your post has reminded me to have a look at annabell langbeins bread recipe, i've never made bread before but keen as to try it!

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

thanks megan for your comment, interesting that your daughter prefers the cloth nappies! Also do try the recipes, they are lovely! any busy peoples bread is so easy, make sure yu have a deep enough bread tin though because it can over flow and stick

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Hi Laura. Hey good for you becoming a clothy. I make my own pocket nappies and have an awesome pattern you can try if you like. I even have a snap press you can borrow... And have you been to Cheers, Davina.

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Davina, I have purchased from greenbeans in the past, its a great site, still have a little amount of fabric left too.... thanks for the offer

Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

Yeah for cloth nappies - and I have to agree there is something magically maternal and soothing about a clothes line full of nappies. I had both of mine in cloth and for 6 months I had 2 in cloth - it was a GREAT encouragement to get #1 toilet trained LOL.
*sigh* I love foraged fruit - I wish there was more of that in the city! But I guess swapping eggs with my neighbours for their citrus is kind of the same.

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